Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2nd edition.... LIFE made SIMPLE

On this Second Edition

First edition copies were sold very fast.

Many loved the book since they loved me.
A few started loving me as they loved the book.
A few critisised the book and wrote to me as they loved the book and me.
Many a lot did not respond as they neither loved me nor the book.

I found lot of errors in the first edition both in English and format. I gave a dare explanation that ‘it is internet style’; ‘it is intentional as the ‘bindi’ for the new born is always put, not at the right place’ etc. All these were being casual and simple. The fact was that I haven’t seen the proof before printing, trusted others and got messed up.

When I took a serious look at ‘LIFE made SIMPLE’ the mistakes were not simple. This edition is better after sitting over it longer.

I have many names to think on this occasion, those who reviewed, commented, read, purchased, helped in sales, helped in release, marketed, etc., the list is too long. I am blessed.

Panickers were with me for the Delhi release and later Mrs. Shobha Panicker for corrections during this second edition. Mr. Pradeep Nambiar was so kind enough to shoulder the Hyderabad Release. Dr. Sreelakshmi was the first to release the book at Chalakkudy hosted by LIC. SAMATHA, THAPASYA and LIC Training Centre at Calicut supported releases at Kochi, Irinjalakuda and Calicut. Reviewer’s comments were great encouragement. Special are those from Dr. Latha, Prof. Akavoor and IMS and a few lines from readers are included in this edition.

Hope this second edition will find more readers and will get continued encouragement.

Dr T P Sasikumar

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