Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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 Respected sir ji
Few days before i was fully in depressive mood at that time i read your book life made simple.i have learnt many things sir. i had overcome all the stress from my mind and my heart was filled with courage.thanks for such a superb,inspiring and wonderful book sir.
thanks a lot
pocha kalyani


thank u so much sir......
i got my solution through your book nly sir....
i have read your book that you have given me....
and it gave me answers to my problem sir...
thank you so much sir....
Harshini Rao

Saturday, October 22, 2011

LmS - LIFE made SIMPLE - by - DrTPS


On Second Edition

Part 1 :

Chapter 1 : Simple LIFE is a Courageous LIFE
1.1. LIFE is not very simple
1.2. Defining a simple LIFE
1.3. Balancing your desires to stay peaceful
1.4. God has a different scale : An anecdote
1.5. Realize now – you are not late
1.6. Criticism is only to push you forward
1.7. How to be consistent in LIFE
1.8. Need of Value with courage
1.9. Unable to practice regularly?

Chapter 2 : Lead LIFE Spiritually
1.10. Shun possessiveness in Love
1.11. Attachment to the Roles
1.12. Detachment is to dissociate when you have
1.13. Role, Goal and Value balancing
1.14. Value Based Living
1.15. Learning Vs. Being
1.16. Spirituality not a skill to be Demonstrated
1.17. Spirituality is shown in Character
1.18. Hitler was vegetarian, Ravana used to Meditate
1.19. Spiritual Lessons from the LIFE of Luminaries
1.20. Today God didn't smile at me!
1.21. JANMA & KARMA in day-to-day LIFE
1.22. Material vs. Spiritual

Chapter 3 : Secrets of Mega-Living
1.23. I love mom – Be a mom to be loved
1.24. Be like Water or Air - Enjoy the Splash
1.25. Reason to be sick
1.26. Dirt needs to be extricated even if of our own body
1.27. Beggars of love
1.28. To be strong

Chapter 4 : Role of a Mentor in Simple Living
1.29. Faith in Guru
1.30. How to select a Good Master
1.31. Sraddha and sadhana

Chapter 5 : Sathsang Influences
1.32. Sathsang Influences
1.33. Learning Meditation
1.34. Why attend lectures
1.35. Levels of Thinking
1.36. Being with and within is Yoga
1.37. To be Pure or Natural?
1.38. Learn through Discussions
1.39. Four Steps to Reach God

Chapter 6 : Your Character : Your Action Plan
1.40. Self-esteem
1.41. Food and Practice
1.42. Practice will make it Habit
1.43. Faith in your Own Self
1.44. What is Character and How to Build it?
1.45. You : Radiate Light
1.46. Ultimate is HE

Chapter 7 : God Loves Simplicity
1.47. Blind Faith may take you to God
1.48. Why not Simple Bhakthi?
1.49. Gita - one question - one answer

Chapter 8 : The gift of Sharing
1.50. I want to do - shall I Help you?
1.51. Kindness
1.52. Building confidence

Chapter 9: Inter Personal Relationship
1.53. Hang No entry board to the incoming hurts on the door of heart
1.54. Rhythm of Marriage
1.55. Love, Marriage and Family
1.56. Love Account

Chapter 10: Boons of Creativity
1.57. Creativity is Accident
1.58. Society Makes us Non-Creative
1.59. Being Natural
1.60. Make your Child Creative

Chapter 11: Economics of LIFE
1.61. Audit of LIFE
1.62. Need to learn : Balance Career and Life
1.63. How much time : For Job and Home
1.64. Feeling Lost?
1.65. Enjoy with Mind
1.66. swayamathma nibandhanam sugam – Be in oneself
1.67. LIFE Account

Chapter 12: What is Real LIFE?
1.68. What is LIFE?
1.69. Defining Real LIFE
1.70. LIFE is an Illusion
1.71. Balance Spirituality in Real LIFE
1.72. Mother to Son and Back to Mother
1.73. Win over LIFE
1.74. Manas and Buddhi
1.75. Control your Anger
1.76. Get into habit of Sleeping as a Baby
1.77. Having Multiple Interests

Chapter 13: Astrology is a Complete Science
1.78. Astrology is Saasthram
1.79. Astrology is a sign board

Chapter 14: Holy Scriptures Made Simple
1.80. Ramayana in the nature
1.81. Rebirth

Part 2 :
2.1. Blues of LIFE / Depression : Attitude is Everything
2.2. Three Animal Characters / Gunas
2.3. Possessiveness is Natural
2.4. Birth is a Race or Accident
2.5. Anger Makes Holes
2.6. It should have Happened
2.7. Color is Geographical
2.8. Watch your Friends
2.9. Upvasa / Vrutha
2.10. Value with Courage is needed to be Happy
2.11. Distinguish between Peace and Satisfaction

Part 3 :
3.1. When and How Much Time a Student Should Study
3.2. Am I Progressing : The Measuring Scale
3.3. Self-Respect and Ego
3.4. Higher Education
3.5. Not to Worry
3.6. MBA is Management !
3.7. What Makes us Human
3.8. LIFE : Definition
3.9. Thanthra
3.10. Onam and Dasavatharam
3.11. Question & Answers by an ‘IT’ Aspirant
3.12. Ragging
3.13. ZAZO’s Interview for the ORKUTHEROS.COM

Part 4 :
4.1. Win over LIFE
4.2. Never surrender to survive
4.3. Never Miss an Opportunity
4.4. Data to LIFE Link
4.5. Mind is a mirror
4.6. Heaven and salvation
4.7. Bata Story - The outlook matters : An Anecdote
4.8. Faith
4.9. Mindfulness
4.10. Feeding is greater service but Teaching is the greatest
4.11. No-one is useless

Report of Release in Kerala
Review by Dr. Latha
Review by Prof. Kishore & Prof. Murthy
Release Report from Delhi
Release Report from Hyderabad
Smt. Valsala Kumari IAS, Kerala wrote
Swami Nityamuktananda, UK wrote

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