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LIFE made SIMPLE in DELHI - 7th december 2008. at KERALA House

KATHAKALI Documentation director Shri N. Radhakrishnan receiving LIFE made SIMPLE from Dr.PM NairIPS, Director, CRPF at Kerala House, New Delhi on 7th December 2008.

Dr P M Nair on Release of the book said

This book is something quite different.
If we can get something out of orkut. DrTPS has found ORKUT different. The book talks about the positive side of life. Really thought provoking. No sequence in the book. User-friendly. Anecdotes substantiate the theory. Profound philosophy of LIFE. Practically touching every aspect of LIFE. DrTPS has brought the Philosophy to the grass-root level. DrTPS is a grass-root Philosopher. So much scope to promote and kindling the energy of people. It could be used in training centers. Open any page and read, it givers energy. It is done so well. He is a guide for all of us. It gives the message that one can be raised from talker to doer to performer to achiever to reformer. It is simplicity. DrTPS is a profound teacher, evident intellectual; his activism had his own style. The last portion that says that all of us are useful, and people who can keep them at the right place is lacking.

Prof. Akavoor Narayan on the Book

It was with so much of eagerness I read this book. Reading, Experience gives Knowledge and Wisdom. This book is the Pearl of messages (Rathanakaram / manimuthukal). LIFE is not simple when it is added with Philosophy. The biological life is simple. Those who thinks of life, it is tragedy. Those who experience LIFE is a comedy. The questions that one thinking person has are being answered in a small book like this. Most of the great things are written simple. It is like the poem of Poonthaanam that explains things so simple, which are so tough to understand through the scripts in Veda and even in Gait. LIFE made SIMPLE has the essence of all the knowledge. The knowledge when experienced can take it to the heart (manas). Many of the wrong information and misunderstandings are cleared through this small book. He explains about guru, spirituality, god, bhakthi, the story of Mahabali and the Onam festival etc. DrTPS as a scientist and a spiritually inclined intellectual have a blend of unparallel wisdom of critically examining and explaining very simple. There are lot of concepts to be cleared in the mind of people, I am sure DrTPS can do a lot of service in this direction. DrTPS in his book says the heaven and hell is in this same world. One who goes deep into this book will get the best pearls out of this book. Let DrTPS generate more sisters and brothers to his book LIFE made SIMPLE.

Smt. Swagatha Pillai on the book

LIFE made SIMPLE can provide lot of inputs for making the life our kids simpler. Not everybody can answer the questions of out kids. Many kids are not having the freedom to ask questions to us. Through ORKUT many kids have asked lot of questions and DrTPS had answered all of them. DrTPS took the public domain for very private discussion. When one talks to DrTPS you feel that he is talking to you and you alone. He has the ability to get into your heart and the points are taken to your heart. Every question that one has is answered in this book. This book gives something to think, once you read any page. This combination of traditional philosophical knowledge and the most advanced networking technology is an innovative rare way. The value system that he is pushing though the book is commendable. LIFE made SIMPLE is a book for practitioner. The book tells you to look beyond what is evident. It is a wonderful gift that DrTPS has given.

Prof. Rathnesh about book

KISS is keep it soft and simple. That is what DrTPS taught us. There are a few who flow with the time and a few change the time. DrTPS is a rare combination.


Dr P V Radhadevi w/o drtps speaks at Hyderabad on LIFE made SIMPLE

Date: 7th Dec, 2008

Om Nama Shivaya,

It’s indeed a special occasion at Meditation Hall of Amma’s Ashram last Sunday. Project Director of AIDS control society of Andra Pradesh and the former Collector of Hyderabad Sri. Chandravadhanan, I.A.S. graced the occasion. It’s all about the release of a book “Life made simple” by Dr. T.P. Sasikumar. Sri. Chandra Mohan, PRO to Chief Minister and our beloved Swamiji Br. Raghunath received the first copy of the book from the hands of Sri. Chandravadhanan. The author of the book Dr. T.P. Sasikumar is a scientist by profession.

Though we were not fortunate enough to have Dr. T.P. Sasikumar in the occasion, the vacuum was felt filled when his wife Dr. P. V. Radhadevi represented and spoke on his behalf.

The book is a collection of conversations taken in response to the question on ‘Life’ from the famous website “Orkut” an arm of Google.

Sri. Chandravadhanan in his speech pointed out that even though the book analyses every cause of problem in life as perceived by the people of all walks of life. In his speech, he advised the ‘ASYGN’ers not to waste their precious time in watching the NEWS channels as they do not add any value to life. Rather he advised to get oneself to involve in Satsang, Namasangirthans and Bhajans which would not only induce our spiritual quest but also help in our mundane life in terms of better interpersonal skills, behavior etc.

Sri. Chandra Mohan applauded the works of Dr. T.P. Sasikumar for his lucid language as well as for it making the reader to think from within.

Br. Raghunath, in his speech, narrated how Amma is touching our spiritual sense ‘scientifically’.

Dr. Radhadevi in her speech admitted that she liked the author’s comparison of Ramayana with nature. It’s interesting to read how Rama being compared to Sun, Ravana to Cloud, Hanuman to Wind and so on.

ASYGN’s star speaker Sri. Milind recommended the book for the simple reason that the author is a “grahasta”. When you ask a heart surgeon to speak about the functioning of the heart, you could not understand whereas when you ask a high school boy from his science book, he would make you understand. He also pointed out that Science is always trying to prove the fact that the “spirituality is the ultimate”.

Finally, the meeting concluded with Amma’s touching video clips.

Once again, I thank Swamji for having provided us an exposure to eminent speakers.

By Kumar

Dr. LATHA of st. teresas college, Kochi writes..

Book Review LIFE Made SIMPLE

We talk about life. We philosophize about life. We dream about life. We worry about the certain uncertainties in life. We speak about our experiences in life. Rarely do we realize that we are floating in an ocean of life – a big life. It is not just an empty space around us – it is a lively big life... It is not simple. But it can be made simple, says Dr.T.P. Sasikumar, who is popularly known as Dr.TPS in his book ‘’ Life made Simple”.

Dr.TPS is one such blessed being who has received a special stroke from heaven to understand that life is essentially a learning experience. He believes that each situation, challenge, and relationships contain messages that are worth learning and teaching. His criticality and powerful observations about life is what you find in the seminal work. It is this strong faith that has shaped his convictions and has enabled him to offer us simple solutions to alleviate the pain arising out of the complex life that not only baffles us but also atomise our existence. The title is very apt as it says “Life made simple” for us by this simple unassuming person who is a scientist, mathematician, poet, with degrees in LLB, MBA, M.S in Psychotherapy, and who is well versed in Vedas, Upanishads, Thanthra and Astrology. He has given us a good introduction about himself in his book. I quote “moved through Naduvil, Taliparamba , Payyannur, Kannur, Calicut, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, New Delhi on study and job”. You can read about what he is in page 136 of this very special Book..

The sum total of his learning and vast experience of Teaching contributed to the genesis of this book, through a socializing web site ‘ORKUT’. He named his community life is to live and conveys the strong message not to wallow in self-pity, which is worse than death! I should say he dramatically alters your perceptions of the world and yourself. This is what he says about criticism which makes us emotionally anaemic "…Arrow goes forward only after pulling the string backward. Bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward. Every human being will get happiness only after facing difficulties in his path of life” (LS, 15).

The book is divided in to four sections. Part one comprises of fourteen chapters which holds the different permutations of our life under the microscope, He confesses life is not simple, but being simple, with no extra ego, we can make life simple.

In part Two titled “The Life coach speaks to you”; he discusses the blues of life and offers simple maxims to chart our journey peacefully. He warns us of our six enemies Kama-Lust, Krodha-Anger, Lobha-Greed, Moha-Delusion, Mada-Pride and Matsarya-Violence. He has defined matsarya as violence highlighting the fact that the unhealthy competition in any relationship is a violence against once own divinity! Part three deals with the FAQ are of day to day life. The answers are simple at the same time thought provoking and easy to comprehend.

Dilemma of Life in Tit Bits forms the fourth section. He says “life is to win, win over self” (147) enunciating the greatest philosophy of life. He answers the single most important question that people have always asked “what is the purpose of this life?” Here comes an answer which is simple- but far from easy. Live in a manner that is consistent with one’s spiritual ideals. Be consistent and live your life with a strong faith in God. He says “our finite power holds the infinite power. This why nothing is impossible”, conveying his deep rooted faith in God.

He reconceptualises love . He stresses the need for us to abound in unconditional Love that becomes the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. The spirituality that he speaks about is not that simple for us. He says I quote “you need power to remain free from the influence of others. Detachment is this power”. ( Page-19). In other these words are well grounded in the wisdom of Vedas which tells us to remain as a drop of water in the lotus leaf. The hardest philosophy of life is made simple by saying practice detached attachment to live your life meaningfully

This book is special as it carries very interesting anecdotes about Hitler being a vegetarian and Ravana who meditated regularly. The book is replete with comments of his orkut community. So it becomes a discourse on “Life”.

HE offers you 4 simple steps to reach God
neglect those who oppose bhakthi
Mercy on those who are materialistic and not spiritual
Friendship with Bhakthas
Love god

Thus this simple book becomes sacred in illumining your way to god.

His earthy sense of humour is well reflected in chapter 11 titled economics of life. A peep into our life cycle begins thus “Our birth is our opening balance , our death is our closing balance” They are pithy epigrammatical sentences which make us reflect seriously about our karma. His views about karma can be summed up with the lines of Bhagavad-Gita.
“sarva karma bhale thyagams praahu thyagam vichakshaha”
One who sacrifices the fruits of his karma makes the supreme sacrifice. He defines karma as the activity of service to others. The book thus epitomizes the creativity of Dr.TPS which is a net of love that catches many souls. We feel that he is a great teacher who touches a life forever. The quote
“anna daanam param daanam vidyaa daanam athath param”
reveals his conviction that teaching the seeker is greatest of all services that has given birth to this discourse on Life. My discourse ends, but the personality keeps on growing - Just as LIFE.
( Dr. Latha Nair. R. Department of English, St:Teresa’s College)

Professors from IMS/Noida writes...

BOOK Review – Dr T P Sasikumar’s LIFE made SIMPLE

‘Great people say great things in simple words’ say Swami Vivekananda. Great people like his guru Sri. Ramakrishna speak out of their experience and therefore their words leave an indelible impression on the minds of the people.

Dr T P Sasikumar’s book – LIFE made SIMPLE – in a small measure is close to the words of Swamiji’s Dr Sasikumar says, ‘There is no last word in anything. I keep telling in my lectures. My prayers is that “Let me have more knowledge to realize that what I have learned till now is to be corrected and updated. There is not last, the best …”. This sums-up the philosophical overtones behind the musings penned down by Dr T P Sasikumar, a scientist turned philosopher from Space Science.

Dr Sasikumar adapted a strange style in compiling these sayings. He develop0ed this book from his orkut socializing network site where he had answered the questions of a number of netizens across the globe. ‘Being simple, being as we are with no extra ego is simply beautiful. Cool, calm, smooth at ease is simple life. Try to be what we are’- is the simple message with which the book begins. Balancing one’s desires and how to be consistent in life, ability to accept the criticism to push forward are some of the first chapter prescriptions stemming out of an ocean of experience and wisdom. Politely daunting people indulging in inconsistent words and practices, Dr Sasikumar is emphatic about the need of value with courage.

He rightly puts the perspective of ‘possessiveness’ in terms of spirituality. The ‘me and the mine’ are often attacked in the Upanishads as false and illusions. In the like manner, he also exhorts to ‘Shun possessiveness in love’. His advice to the younger generation is to perform their ‘role, goal and value balancing’ with no ‘attachments to the role’ while keeping oneself balanced between ‘learning and being’. He discovered that, ‘The being is the actualization and the bliss of life is in that stage. Being in spirituality is the process of evolution’. His examples of Hitler as ‘vegetarian’ and Ravana as ‘meditator’are something inspiring to have a positive attitude to even worst circumstances and towards dreaded objects too. He goes to explain the mathematical components of Gunatrayavibhag of the Gita how each of the three gunas would take over another guna with out our explicit knowledge.

Decrying show of spirituality, Dr.Sasikumar stresses the need to do one’s duties with ‘sraddha in saadhana’. With a prescription to ‘retrospect’ and ‘introspect’, he suggests the measures to check the progress one achieved in life. It is a ‘must read’ book to make one’s ‘life made simple’.

Prof. Dr. CSHN Murthy / Prof. Dr. Devesh Kishore
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Institute of Management Studies,