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Dr P V Radhadevi w/o drtps speaks at Hyderabad on LIFE made SIMPLE

Date: 7th Dec, 2008

Om Nama Shivaya,

It’s indeed a special occasion at Meditation Hall of Amma’s Ashram last Sunday. Project Director of AIDS control society of Andra Pradesh and the former Collector of Hyderabad Sri. Chandravadhanan, I.A.S. graced the occasion. It’s all about the release of a book “Life made simple” by Dr. T.P. Sasikumar. Sri. Chandra Mohan, PRO to Chief Minister and our beloved Swamiji Br. Raghunath received the first copy of the book from the hands of Sri. Chandravadhanan. The author of the book Dr. T.P. Sasikumar is a scientist by profession.

Though we were not fortunate enough to have Dr. T.P. Sasikumar in the occasion, the vacuum was felt filled when his wife Dr. P. V. Radhadevi represented and spoke on his behalf.

The book is a collection of conversations taken in response to the question on ‘Life’ from the famous website “Orkut” an arm of Google.

Sri. Chandravadhanan in his speech pointed out that even though the book analyses every cause of problem in life as perceived by the people of all walks of life. In his speech, he advised the ‘ASYGN’ers not to waste their precious time in watching the NEWS channels as they do not add any value to life. Rather he advised to get oneself to involve in Satsang, Namasangirthans and Bhajans which would not only induce our spiritual quest but also help in our mundane life in terms of better interpersonal skills, behavior etc.

Sri. Chandra Mohan applauded the works of Dr. T.P. Sasikumar for his lucid language as well as for it making the reader to think from within.

Br. Raghunath, in his speech, narrated how Amma is touching our spiritual sense ‘scientifically’.

Dr. Radhadevi in her speech admitted that she liked the author’s comparison of Ramayana with nature. It’s interesting to read how Rama being compared to Sun, Ravana to Cloud, Hanuman to Wind and so on.

ASYGN’s star speaker Sri. Milind recommended the book for the simple reason that the author is a “grahasta”. When you ask a heart surgeon to speak about the functioning of the heart, you could not understand whereas when you ask a high school boy from his science book, he would make you understand. He also pointed out that Science is always trying to prove the fact that the “spirituality is the ultimate”.

Finally, the meeting concluded with Amma’s touching video clips.

Once again, I thank Swamji for having provided us an exposure to eminent speakers.

By Kumar

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