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LIFE made SIMPLE in DELHI - 7th december 2008. at KERALA House

KATHAKALI Documentation director Shri N. Radhakrishnan receiving LIFE made SIMPLE from Dr.PM NairIPS, Director, CRPF at Kerala House, New Delhi on 7th December 2008.

Dr P M Nair on Release of the book said

This book is something quite different.
If we can get something out of orkut. DrTPS has found ORKUT different. The book talks about the positive side of life. Really thought provoking. No sequence in the book. User-friendly. Anecdotes substantiate the theory. Profound philosophy of LIFE. Practically touching every aspect of LIFE. DrTPS has brought the Philosophy to the grass-root level. DrTPS is a grass-root Philosopher. So much scope to promote and kindling the energy of people. It could be used in training centers. Open any page and read, it givers energy. It is done so well. He is a guide for all of us. It gives the message that one can be raised from talker to doer to performer to achiever to reformer. It is simplicity. DrTPS is a profound teacher, evident intellectual; his activism had his own style. The last portion that says that all of us are useful, and people who can keep them at the right place is lacking.

Prof. Akavoor Narayan on the Book

It was with so much of eagerness I read this book. Reading, Experience gives Knowledge and Wisdom. This book is the Pearl of messages (Rathanakaram / manimuthukal). LIFE is not simple when it is added with Philosophy. The biological life is simple. Those who thinks of life, it is tragedy. Those who experience LIFE is a comedy. The questions that one thinking person has are being answered in a small book like this. Most of the great things are written simple. It is like the poem of Poonthaanam that explains things so simple, which are so tough to understand through the scripts in Veda and even in Gait. LIFE made SIMPLE has the essence of all the knowledge. The knowledge when experienced can take it to the heart (manas). Many of the wrong information and misunderstandings are cleared through this small book. He explains about guru, spirituality, god, bhakthi, the story of Mahabali and the Onam festival etc. DrTPS as a scientist and a spiritually inclined intellectual have a blend of unparallel wisdom of critically examining and explaining very simple. There are lot of concepts to be cleared in the mind of people, I am sure DrTPS can do a lot of service in this direction. DrTPS in his book says the heaven and hell is in this same world. One who goes deep into this book will get the best pearls out of this book. Let DrTPS generate more sisters and brothers to his book LIFE made SIMPLE.

Smt. Swagatha Pillai on the book

LIFE made SIMPLE can provide lot of inputs for making the life our kids simpler. Not everybody can answer the questions of out kids. Many kids are not having the freedom to ask questions to us. Through ORKUT many kids have asked lot of questions and DrTPS had answered all of them. DrTPS took the public domain for very private discussion. When one talks to DrTPS you feel that he is talking to you and you alone. He has the ability to get into your heart and the points are taken to your heart. Every question that one has is answered in this book. This book gives something to think, once you read any page. This combination of traditional philosophical knowledge and the most advanced networking technology is an innovative rare way. The value system that he is pushing though the book is commendable. LIFE made SIMPLE is a book for practitioner. The book tells you to look beyond what is evident. It is a wonderful gift that DrTPS has given.

Prof. Rathnesh about book

KISS is keep it soft and simple. That is what DrTPS taught us. There are a few who flow with the time and a few change the time. DrTPS is a rare combination.

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